Gold Coast Wedding Videography and Event Films

Our Wedding Video team takes Wedding videography to the next level making your special day look like a movie! This is not extra in the price. We use the best Cameras, elegant styles and techniques for all of our Wedding Video Productions at NO EXTRA CHARGE. We want your wedding video too look amazing and to WOW the "bride and groom" every time you watch it.

We use HD wireless broadcast Audio Microphones for the FULL length of your wedding video in particular “The Ceremony” Our Audio is not only Perfect, but you will hear every word that is spoken during the ceremony (which is really the biggest part)!

Our wireless lapel microphones can go anyplace and offer any range from 1 inch to 50 feet. Be sure whomever you employ, has this capability because it is a very important part of creating an amazing wedding video. In addition to that we produce engagement, proposal videos and every kind of what we call "wedding video additions"! To include to our wedding video services, we also do some really artistic and fun videos to append to your wedding video services.


This can be a proposal video like the sample you see here, where the bride or groom wants to surprise the other with a beautiful imaginative Video Proposal. Anything you can think up or dream of, we can make. Want them to say "YES". Well this is actually a highly proven method of grabbing their interest in a exclusive and unique manner. We also do Wedding Engagement videos which are basically a "PRE WEDDING" video. This can really differ and are usually short and to the point. These also can be any length or any style you would like.


We only want to make your video Astonishing, innovative, catchy, cost effective & classy

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